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IT is My Passion

I am a programmer that has been in this field from more than 5 years ago. I love this field more than I love any others. I focused on Website thingy, especially native PHP and Wordpress. I'm ready to learn more in this field, I always want to learn Machine Learning and how Artificial Intelligence works. After all, I'm ready to work with you to build your new fun-tastic website!

What We Do

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Discord Bot

Discord is a platform where gamers discuss with their gaming friends. But, it's hard to manage your own server and create a bot without expert helps. Let me create a custom bot for your needs. It's fast and easy!


Easiest and fastest way to create a website? Use Wordpress. Wordpress themes don't fit your need? Let me help you! Find your WOW and fun-tastic themes, and let me customize it for you. It's easy and fun!

Web Design

Designing something is hard, web design too! You need to be an expert in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. But, you don't have time to learn that weird thingy? This is why an expert needed to solve this problem! Tell me about your design concept, and let me work on it!

Web Development

Developing a new website for big company is painful. Lot of code to be work with. Say no more to this pain with expert help! Tell how your company wants their website to be, and let me help you to work on this project. It's pain-free!

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